Newborn and Infant Care Class

Parents find this class is a good addition to any childbirth class.

I can prepare you with the most current understanding of babies. You will learn what their capabilities and biologic needs are so that you can provide responsive, loving care that will lay the foundation for a strong family bond.

This is a 2.5-hour virtual class. Understanding how these amazing little humans are wired and what they are capable of makes our new role as parents a bit easier to navigate.

Infant Care
    What Topics We Will Explore:
  • Newborn appearance, capabilities and needs at birth
  • Early bonding
  • What the needs of families are during the 4th trimester
  • Understanding babies' behavior
  • Common feeding patterns within the early days to months
  • Positions and techniques for burping
  • Sleep patterns; Safe sleep environment; Ways to enourage sleep
  • Soothing-Using the 5 S’s to calm your baby can work like magic!
  • Safety-Holding, swaddling, checking temperature, signs of illness
  • Bathing, skin care, nail care, umbilical cord care, diapering

What is included with your class registration:

  • A book with beautiful, color photos, a free companion web app with videos, and helpful printable PDFs
  • Access to my favorite newborn and infant related videos for 3 months

Class fee is 39.00 per family

Upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday November  24th from 6-8:30 PM
  • Wednesday December 22nd from 6-8:30 PM


Things To Know About How Babies Develop:

  • Babies develop taste preferences while in the womb. So eat well to avoid a picky eater later!


  •  By 25-26 weeks babies have been shown to respond to outside noises and voices.  In the third trimester, they have seen babies' heartrate increase when their parent talked. This is a great opportunity for dads-to-be and partners to bond.


  • Touch experienced in ealry life affects how we grow and  develop.  It teaches babies about being human. For preterm babies, in particular, positive touch=growth.


  • You cannot spoil your baby by holding them too much in the early months.  The womb gives babies the feeling of being held continuously.


  • Tummy Time starts right after birth.  A laid back position of the parent with baby on their belly enables them to lift their head and seek out the breast.


  • Wearing you baby in a sling or infant carrier helps them with head and neck control, calms them, increases breastfeeding, and helps them learn their days and nights (this one takes some time).


Infant Care Class

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"Children are a great incentive and impetus for parents to learn about themselves, about each other and about life itself..."   ~Dr. Gabor Mate