Newborn and Baby Care: This is a 2.5-hour single class session. Understanding how these amazing little humans are wired and what they are capable of makes our new role as parents a bit easier to navigate. We will explore what to expect as a new parent as it relates to:

  • Baby behavior-Figuring out what each grunt, sigh, cry and squeak means takes some time together to decipher. But, looking at life from a baby’s perspective sure can help!
  • Feeding-Why newborns need to feed so frequently in the early days. What are typical patterns and frequency. How it is changing in the first 4-5 days in particular. How and how much? Breast, bottle? Positions and echniques for burping.
  • Sleep-Babies have unique sleep patterns. Creating a safe sleep environment, recognizing sleep cues and using patterns and soothing techniques to aid in their “letting go” to sleep.
  • Soothing-Using the 5 S’s to calm your baby can work like magic!
  • Safety-Holding, swaddling, checking temperature, signs of illness
  • Baths, skin care nail care, umbilical cord care,diapering

This class can be done before baby’s birth or after birth. Price includes a book, handouts, and video access for 3 months.  Class fee is 49. per couple or 39. without the book

**Friday January 29th from 6-8:30 PM**

Breastfeeding Basics: This is a live virtual 2.5-hour single class session.  As a board-certified lactation consultant, I cannot help but take a deep dive into this topic!  Having an understanding of typical newborn behavior is key to navigating the often times confusing early days of breastfeeding. This live, interactive class will allow you to have your individual qustions and concerns answered. Topics we will explore include:

  • Optimizing the Golden Hour after birth
  • Feeding frequency in the first several days and why this is necessary
  • Ways to get off to the best start with breastfeeding and promoting a good milk supply and things that sabotage
  • Actions to take to manage possible bumps along the way : sleepy baby, engorgement, sore nipples, delayed milk
  • How it works-how breast milk is made and what medical conditions and habits can affect your supply
  • Positioning to optimize for a deep latch-it really is that important!
  • Feeding and sleeping patterns and reading hunger & satiation cues
  • Pumping, back to work, nutrition and more.

  Price includes a book, handouts, and video access for 3 months. Class fee is 49. per couple or 39. without the book.

**Wednesday January 27th from 5-7:30 PM**

**Saturday February 6th from 10 AM-12:30 PM**