Why take the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class?


  • Get mentored by your personal Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Sharon!
  • Learn about evidence based care and some challenges in getting it
  • Master beginning to advanced comfort measure skills
  • Learn how to advocate for yourself and as the birth partner


This class has it all! I have spent the past 9 years teaching other childbirth classes in various formats, and I feel that EBB  has brought the best of all approaches into this single course.  Pregnant people and expecting families really appreciate the variety in the opportunities for learning, from instructor presentation and mentoring, to private video viewing, reading, skills practice with your partner, group discussions and labor rehearsal. The wealth of current, in-depth,well-researched resources provide you with a solid foundation to feel well prepared and looking forward to your journey into parenthood. You will get so much more than review of the stages of  labor.  Upon completion of the class you will be a more informed consumer with skills to confidently navigate our maternity care system for a more positive birth experience.

Get prepared, get answers, get empowered to make the choices that are right for you!

Upcoming Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class: Sundays March 7th-April 11th


Class Format:

  • 6 weeks of mentoring
  • First and last classes each 2.5 hours to lay the foundation of birth and finish up with a labor rehearsal and review of postpartum topics
  • 5 weeks of online videos for you and your partner to watch together at your convenience
  • 4 weekly video chats with your instructor and classmates *dates and times of these decided by the group on first class meeting
  • Class size limited to 5 couples to ensure individualized instruction
  • BONUS: Breastfeeding and newborn care videos
  • BONUS: Accupressure videos for labor and pre-labor from professional accupuncturist PhD.
  • BONUS: Earn points when completing homework and practice to redeem for prize at the end!

 Get empowered with a childbirth class you and your partner will LOVE!
Listen to what students have said about the EBB Childbirth Class :

“This class is a total gamechanger for us. I’d heard negative stories…I was scared and very on edge. Then, once we started taking the class, and when we learned  about interventions that I was apprehansive abour… It brought us together in that [my partner] understood birth more, and I understood it more. And, as soon as I went into labor, we were on. We were a team.”


What will be covered:

  • What is evidence based care
  • Types of OB providers and each’s model of care
  • Navigating the heathcare system
  • Overcoming fears and anxieties
  • Kowing your rights
  • Birth during COVID
  • Doulas roles
  • How your partner can be your advocate
  • Communicating with providers and hospital staff
  • Beginning and advanced comfort measures
  • Accupressure technique videos
  • Music playlist
  • Physiology of stages of labor
  • Medical intervention pros and cons
  • Pharmacologic pain relief options
  • Labor rehearsal
  • Postpartum review
  • Newborn procedures
  • Infant care
  • Getting a strong start with early breastfeeding

 A message from your Evidence Based Birth instructor:

Although it has been 24 years since I gave birth to my youngest, as you soon will come to know, the intensity of the emotions related to birth are so poweful, that it almost feels like yesterday.  My two birth experiences were so very different in every way, even though they occurred only 19 months apart and both in our local area.  Both hospital births, and yet one felt like a birth center birth.  Thanks to a well-informed friend who paved the way for me, I found by a OB provider that my husband and I loved, and we took a 12 week Bradley® childbirth class.  The classes were eye-opening to how much my husband and I did not know. For him, that made sense. But, for me, the nurse, I assumed that nursing school would have prepared me.

Having a thorough childbirth class, my husband being 100%  in doula mode, our trusted and beloved MD, (a definite “midwife in disguise”), and a supportive hospital environment made for an amazing, joyful and empowering experience.  Not long after, when baby number 2 was on board, I felt that there was no need to prepare. A different MD, (not a “midwife in disguise”), a different hospital, and a different mindset made that birth feel quite unfamiliar. Yes, we had at the end a healthy mom and a healthy baby, yet it felt ike a more like medical event rather than an amazing life event.

Over the years, in my work as a lactation consultant I have heard many, many stories from new parents who have felt somewhat blindsighted by the belief that having a trusted provider was all the preparation that would be needed.  Those with no prior experience within our healthcare system and with no formal childbirth preparation are often overwhelmed early on, which definately makes early bonding, breastfeeding and postpartum recovery more challenging.  Navigating pregnancy, birth, and new parenting is most likely the most intense physical, emotional and spiritual time in our lives. This is why it requires preparation of our body, mind, and spirit.  I am certain that you will have a more positive start to your new role as partners in parenting after taking the Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class.  Come, join me!

Ready to get started?

Choose a package that best fits your needs:

Standard Package-275.00: Includes 3 months exclusive access to the EBB online parent website, a printed spiral-bound workbook, digital access to all EBB 1-page signature article handouts on over 20 relevant topics in maternity care, and a complimentary Beautiful Pregnancy hypnobirthing mp-3.

Premium Package-300.00: Includes 3 months exclusive access to the EBB online parent website, a printed spiral-bound workbook, digital access to all EBB 1-page signature article handouts on over 20 relevant topics in maternity care, a private 1 hour virtual meeting to discuss birth plans, breastfeeding, or any topic of your choice in more depth, and a complimentary Beautiful Pregnancy hypnobirthing mp-3.

Deluxe Package-325.00: Includes 6 months exclusive access to the EBB online parent website, a printed spiral-bound workbook, digital access to all EBB 1-page signature article handouts on over 20 relevant topics in maternity care, choice of a live online 2.5 hour breastfeeding or newborn care class taught by Sharon (35.oo value), and a complimentary Beautiful Pregnancy hypnobirthing mp-3.

*All packages include a digital workbook. In case of late registration, your printed workbook may take up to 7-10 days to be shipped to your home.

Did you know that childbirth education is an eligible expense for a Flexible Spending Account or a Health Savings Account enabling you to use pre-tax dollars and pay with your FSA debit card?


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I encourage you to explore the Evidence Based Birth website and their many valuable resources here. You will love the great work they are doing to make significant changes in how birthing families are cared for.


Inclusion Policy: Evidence Based Birth® is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for pregnant persons of any age, religion, race, sexual identity, gender identity, or relationship status.


Refund Policy: Your payment reserves a spot in the class and is non-refundable. Tickets are transferable with adequate notice and approval from Sharon.