Helpful Resources

You Never Know What Kind of Support You May Need Along the Way. 

Over the years of working with expecting and new parents, I continue to discover new helpful resources. I have compiled a list of websites, blogs and videos that do a great job covering the many topics that pregnant people and new parents find beneficial.

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Childbirth Classes

Whatever your perspective and preference, I am sure I have a class that will meet your needs. I offer small group and private classes over 4-5 sessions or a custom accelerated class if your time is limited.  Preparation is always beneficial.

New Parent Classes

Pregnancy and birth are just the starting point to what life will be like with a newborn.  Although the full childbirth sessions all touch on early breastfeeding and infant care, these stand alone classes provide more depth to each topic. The first several weeks and months are full of everchanging elements that affect feeding and caring for you new little bundle.

Meet Sharon

Meet Sharon

In my job as a nurse educator and board certified lactation consultant I hear common questions and concerns from expecting and new parents. I love to provide tools, resources and perhaps new perspectives that help build capable and loving parents.