Newborn and Baby Care: This is a 2.5-hour single class session. Understanding how these amazing little humans are wired and what they are capable of makes our new role as parents a bit easier to navigate. We will explore what to expect as a new parent as it relates to:

  • Baby behavior-Figuring out what each grunt, sigh, cry and squeak means takes some time together to decipher. But, looking at life from a baby’s perspective sure can help!
  •  Newborns appearance can be surprising at first. We look at the whats and whys so you don’t needlessly worry.
  • Feeding-Why newborns need to feed so frequently in the early days. What are typical patterns and frequency? How it is changing in the first 7-10 days in particular. How and how much? Breast, bottle? Positions and techniques for burping.
  • Sleep-Babies have unique sleep patterns. Creating a safe sleep environment, recognizing sleep cues and using patterns and soothing techniques to aid in their “letting go” to sleep
  • Soothing-Using the 5 S’s to calm your baby can work like magic!
  • Safety-Holding, swaddling, checking temperature, signs of illness
  • Baths, skin care, nail care, umbilical cord care, diapering to name a few

  This class can be done before baby’s birth or after birth. Price includes a book, handouts, and video access for 3 months. Class fee is 39.00 per household or 29.00 without the book.  **Special Spring pricing: 29. with book/videos/handouts and 25. without the book.**

Just added: **Tuesday March 3oth from 5:00-7:30 PM**