As most of us in this world of birth work can say, it was my own 2 births over 20 years ago that fuel my desire to guide couples during this amazing time.  12 weeks of preparation through Bradley classes provided my husband and me with a solid understanding of the physiology of pregnancy and birth, what we could expect, and how to work actively together.  I appreciate that my lack of fear was due to this education and planning, but mainly in the “all-in” support from my husband, and absolute trust and love for my care provider.  And, fortunately, the result was an experience for which I am forever grateful!  I learned about my own previously untested strengths and was in awe at the depth of closeness and trust we shared as a couple. This start is what served us best on this uncharted path to parenthood. I wish this for all birthing people and families.

  For over 35 years I have worked as a Registered Nurse in various specialties including  Labor and Delivery. Presently, my day job includes working in a hospital-based outpatient lactation clinic assisting new families with breastfeeding as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and teaching expectant parenting classes as an RN educator.  I became a Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Educator in 2011, and further expanded ways I could support pregnant women and couples with my HypnoBirthing®  training.  It was quite obvious in my experience that people who prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually for birth and new parenthood had a more positive experience.  I am proud to have recently become an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, which allows me to bring a wealth of important, up to date and well-researched resources to couples, as well as birth professionals, in an engaging format.

  Through my experiences supporting birthing people and families during labor, birth, and early postpartum, I realized that maternal-child health was what stirred my soul! It is awe-inspiring to witness women growing into their role of parenthood and couples blossoming into a family.  It is a unique honor to guide birthing people and their partners through this transformative time.  My goal is to help you explore your options for labor, birth, and early parenting and to encourage each birthing person and family to discover their own vision.  Looking within, we find that we likely have most of what is needed along this path of parenthood.

  By assisting you during this important time, I hope to nurture confidence and joyful anticipation as you prepare to welcome your baby into this world.

  Other certifications include Happiest Baby on the Block and HypnoBirthing® Infant Massage Educator.  I am a member of Lamaze® International , HypnoBirthing®, Evidence Based Birth®, and ILCA.